Therapeutic pedagogy

Courses for institutions with a remedial pedagogic approach have different target groups:

Course A is aimed to the employees and contains the contents described under the rubric „Educational institutions“.

Course B is aimed to adolescent and adult inhabitants of institutions for curative education.

Example of an implemented project with the title „Art and Dialogue“at the Marjatta Institute Denmark in 2010:

Artistic means used were the art of painting, spatial objects, and puppet theatre. The work was inspired by a story especially written for this project: „The book of the ferryman“. This tale – a combination of myth and reality- was the unifying element and served as starting point for the creative work. It deals with the world of dreams, daily life, natural phenomenons, the unique relationship between humans and animals, and the world of machinery.

Every course day had a clear structure:
In the morning: Artistic painting
In the afternoon: Spatial work.
We cut figures with purpose-built tools, which had been created in a way that nobody could get hurt.
At the end of the day we came together to reflect our work with the possibility for everybody to express his opinion and impressions. I happily observed how the self-confidence and independence of the participants was growing from day to day. It was a pleasure to see how they extended their abilities during the course, and reached goals that seemed to be unreachable before. During the course, the typical or maybe constrained within their first creative language changed to a more unrestrained handwriting. The results proved that and spoke for themselves. Additionally, we talked about basic principles of composition and material handling. The project culminated in a large exhibition of the creations at the Marjatta Institution for Curative-Education.The work was also shown at the Galerie Folkhuset in Store Heddinge, Denmark,
with great success. On the occasion of the exhibitions, „The book of the ferryman“was published:
ISBN 978-87-994179-0-2