Courses at my studio in Berlin

Course 1 – Painting for all ages

Individually and in small groups

This course includes figurative and free drawing and painting with different techniques and involves discussions about modern and contemporary art. Aesthetics will be reflected upon by means of W. Kadinsky, S. Delauny, L. Popova, R. Steiner, F. Bacon, A. Giacometti, and J.Beuys.

Working materials are watercolour, chalk, acrylic paint, and pencil.

Course 2 – Memory and vitality training

This course can be divided into three parts:

A) Coordination/motion exercises
- Change your habits and give your handwriting a new shape
- Elementary motion exercises (body coordination)
- Dynamic drawing: symmetrically vertical / symmetrically circular / symmetrically linear (spatial awareness)

B) Brain training

- Learn how to narrate small stories, poems, and other texts forewards and backwards.
- Attention training with the help of objects.
- Exercise an „end-of-the-day-review“.

C) Painting and drawing exercises

- Portray simple objects with a pencil.
- Shape them colourfully with water colour.
- Exercise daily for 20 minutes at home in your exercise book, which you will have received from me.

Course 3 – Biographical work

In this course we work on profound personal experiences with the help of creative painting and spatial design. The course has a therapeutical effect and will be individually composed. Here, you can learn how creative work helps you to heal and understand yourself. The craft of art provides your work a solid and genuine ground. Your inner self will learn to find a new balance.


Course 1:   90 min. in a small group – 30€ (material included) One-to-one lesson – by prior mutual agreement (upon consultation)
Course 2:    45 min in a small group – 20€ (material included) One-to-one lesson – by prior mutual agreement (upon consultation)
Course 3:   90 min one-to-one lesson – 70 € (material included)

Place: Art-Studio-Hogervorst
Pestalozzistr. 5-8
13187 Berlin