Courses in educational institutions, companies and non-governmental organizations

These courses contain a combination of painting, sculpturing, puppet theatre, playing, and socially interactive work. Depending on your requirements emphasis can be put on one or two of these fields.

Socially interactive creative work is a central theme of all above mentioned subjects. For example: The process of working together can be put on a new level by an adequate reaction to other people's ideas.

Games and exercises require orientation in the room, body coordination, and consciousness for rhythm and balance.

Company managers and executives in non-governmental organisations can profit from this course as it leads to a good working atmosphere and supports independent thinking and acting of the employees.

Creative work always leads to new points of view and evokes new questions that cannot be answered by using the brain only but by the process of doing.

This apparent uncertainty releases new strengths, whereby – poetically spoken – the old, the passé finds a dynamic balance with the so far unknown.

For educators in the pedagogical sector the dynamical balance is an important inner instrument that

trains the cognitive ability with which children and young people like to be looked at.

A child might say:

“I am not yet what I want to be and I have not yet achieved what I want to achieve, but I want you to forefeel it, and if you will do that I am looking forward to my coming life.”