Creating art gives us the illusion of freedom. It is in our hands to determine the proportion, arrangement and content of our creation.

In so far as Art leads us to see the world anew, in both its apparent or material dimension and that which remains inaccessible to the senses, it allows us to explore a possible balance between the limits imposed by what we do, and those inherent to what we can think and imagine.

At this point, there is room for aesthetics that comprise beauty as well as destructive ugliness leading to a new meaning.

Our need to build a bridge between sensually understandable and not sensually understandable reality is the basis of all research, work, and action. It reveals our deepest humanity.

No matter what your profession is, you take part in the creation of a human, lively contribution to society. This is a central theme of any of the three courses that I offer.


Courses for schools or therapeutic institutions stimulate independent and creative thinking and acting. They can run for between 1 and 5 days.

The contents of the course are customized to your requirements.

Languages spoken: German, English, Dutch, Swedish.