Robert Hogervorst born in 1944/Delft/Holland

• Appointed Professor for Art and Painting by the Dutch Ministry of Education
• Studies at Nutsacademie Rotterdam
• Studies of Educational Science and Art at Freie Hochschule Goetheanum, Switzerland
• Master-class student of Piet Gootjes, Studio-Rotterdam.
• Journey and art studies in St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Basel, and London
• One-year training for headmasters at Uppsala University, Sweden

Exhibitions in several European cities:

Paris, Stockholm, Bern, Basel, Madrid, Alkmaar, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Kiel, Freiburg, Berlin.

Member of the Berlin Group:

Professional career:

1966 – 1975 Director of Studies at „Huize Thomas School“ (school for children with special needs) in Rotterdam (Holland). Courses in Art and Pedagogy.
1975 – 1976 Assistant Director of the „St. Luke Center for Special Education“ in Beirut (Libanon). Courses for adolescents and adults.
1976 – 1977 „Centre des Formations“, Lausanne (Switzerland). Assistant professor (lecturer) for pedagogy, painting/drawing, and puppet theatre.
1977 – 1981 Director at the „Marie Rose Boulos-Center“ Beirut, Libanon. Art courses for adolescents and adults. Termination due to the civil war.
1981 – 1994 Pedagogical and Art courses at Waldorfschools in Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, and Estonia.
Freelance artist in Rotterdam.
Professor for art and painting at Leiden University, Holland.
1994 – 1999 Headmaster and co-founder of the „Solvikgymnasiums for Art and Technology“ Järna, Sweden.
Studio collaboration with the Ukrainian artist Yan Martsinkievich. (1994 – Y M past away 2013 )
1999 – 2002 Headmaster of the „Sonja Kovalevski School“  (primary school), Stockholm, Sweden.  (stand-in for one year).
2001 - 2002 Headmaster of the „Nibbleschule“ (senior classes), Järfälla, Stockholm (stand-in for one year).
2002 – 2013 Artistic work at „Kunsthaus Tacheles“, Berlin, Germany. Exhibitions and cultural projects (music, performance, theatre).
since 2014 Visual artist and lecturer at several educational institutions in Europe.

Lecturer at the „School for intuitive pedagogy“: Solvikskolan Järna, Schweden
Fine arts at the „Marjatta-Institut for Special Education and Social Therapy“ Denmark.
Lecturer at Panassembla Academy, Holland
Art teacher at Justizvollzugsanstalt Plötzensee, Berlin
Freelance artist in Berlin.